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Garage Roof Repairs In Nottingham & Derby

We complete garage roof repairs time and time again throughout Nottingham and Derby. Garage roofs are always susceptible to severe leaks as the vast amount of people don't use their Garage very frequently. Therefore minor leaks aren't spotted and patched up as early. The leaks can grow and become worse due to the neglecting homeowners. Nottingham and Derby locals are always up for a bit of DIY work too so we constantly see garage roofs attempted to be repaired by someone whos not qualified, insured and only has gaffer tape to hand on fixing it.

If you are fixing the garage roof, you need actual lead, and professional tiling and potential lead flashing. To be able to implement these types of repairs you really should be qualified. Otherwise, you will end inflicting more roof damage than you started with. It goes without saying that you should not try roof replacement if you have a DIY bug. Leave it to us.

Garage Roof Replacements

As well as repairing we also complete garage roof replacements for those in Nottingham and Derby. You must have a team that specialises in specifically garage roofing, you don't a general builder to do the job. Complications could occur if not done correctly. The contractor has to think about the trusses, fascias, roof, and guttering. If you don't have someone that is a specialist one of these crucial elements can be missed and disaster occurs. You don't want to put yourself in an emergency like state due to someone less experienced doing the work.

So you might be wondering how much does a roof replacement cost? Because garage roof sizes differ from neighbour to neighbour we can't give one fixed cost for this. What we can do is visit your residential/ commercial property assess the condition. Based on what state it's in and how long it will take will give you an accurate quote. All the time involved in pricing up the job and visiting your property is at no cost to you we're always happy to provide free and fast quotes. The most people do look for the average cost tariff and replace a roof and the real fact is the truth is Project is different we can't just say it's a flat price of £5000. Obviously, you have costly materials involved such as roof decking, lead flashing, tiling, trusses and much more much more. The real cost will be due to the labour of our trusted local roofers. As I said previously it's a good not to the DIY mindset and do it yourself to save money. Even if you're just getting a general handyman to complete the replacement you shouldn't do this either. Going down both of these routes in a worse off position because the future damage they can cause will far outweigh if you were to just get an affordable quote from someone like Us. You Might be wondering what the process looks like for repair or replacement. Firstly repair can sometimes be a very quick job and we can sometimes assess the damage stop the leak all in one day. However other jobs could take longer if the damage is more severe and it's not simply a patch up. These scenarios could involve our team having to intervene with the structure of the roof and stabilize the trusses. However, this wouldn't mean you would have to vacate the garage whilst the work is completed as you will have a fair amount of coverage still. You know when we complete a complete garage roof replacement you have to vacate the garage for your own safety. This because we have to tear off the original roof and this would mean your garage area is exposed. Whilst it's exposed we do our utmost to reduce any water damage. Some strategies on how to do this would be to place tarpaulin over the entire garage area temporarily whilst we fix the new roof.
We're constantly repairing and replacing residential and commercial garage roofs in Nottingham and Derby. Even if It's just a small repair we're happy to come out and give you an affordable quote for this service.

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