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Flat roofs can often get damaged and need a repair. The elements can be cruel to flat roofs. You might even have water collecting on the top of your roof. This can sometimes be okay but it might be worth calling us if you’re unsure if the water will eventually evaporate

flat roof repairs being carried out by local pros in Nottingham

Want to new a flat roof? We're a fantastic choice!

Flat Roofing in Nottingham…

And surrounding areas! We help people all over Nottinghamshire too.

As with any roof it’s essential that you get your roof right the first time as less skilled tradesman could create you something that is likely to break down the line. Fixing a flat roof isn’t as simple as it is to fix a normal roof, so let M&S get your roof right the first time.


Great Results, Great Team

We always go for great and lasting results at M&S. Everything we do is made to stand the test of time. This is how we’ve secured repeat business over the years as all clients we work with know that what they get is quality for years and years to come.

More Reviews from Nottingham Locals

  • I needed a roof repair doing and gave M and S Roofing a call. They were happy to answer all my questions and sent a quote over very quick. I decided to go ahead with it and was very happy with the service I received. Gaz from Southwell.